Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Love Always Forgives You...

Do you believe me?
He asked me..
I didn’t know what the right answer..
After all this time, my mind said no..
On the other side, my heart said yes..
What I’m supposed to do?
Then I remember our long journey..
How hard he and I try to keep this journey..
When I was lost, he grasp my hand..
And whisper,,
You shouldn’t be there, come here..
I’ll give you whole of my heart to have some rest for a while..
Hereby you can look back..
Look at me, waiting for your come back..
To give you a smile and swept you tears..
Then you can kiss me and leave all of your sorrow
So do I,,
Well, I just want to tell you..
I do love you..
Love is not about everlasting saying sorry..
But love always forgives you..
I do believe you for the umpteenth time..

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